Compatibilidad “Paro” y Autónomo

It is common to find people who are surprised by the fact that you can continue to receive unemployment benefit («prestación por desempleo»), even if you start a self-employed activity (“autónomo”). And this makes sense, since, if this were not the case, entrepreneurship would be discouraged, since one might think that why work and run the risk of doing so for little or no benefits.

It is a good option to give the time to make the self-employed activity profitable, without running risks for up to 270 days (9 months), which is the maximum period in which you can continue collecting the benefit to which you are entitled.

In addition, it does not need justification as does the «capitalización del paro» – most popular option that consists of receiving the entire money in a single payment to be used in the initial investments of the business, etc. but if it is not sufficiently justified it will be denied or can only be used to pay monthly Social Security contributions.

For an «intellectual» or «technical» professional, compatibility is simpler and more direct and allows you to launch your ability to develop self-employment while you constantly receive the payments that would be received (unemployment benefits) with hardly any other requirement than to correctly apply within 15 days of the set up as an «autónomo «. There is some reasonable limit such as it cannot be used to bill your former employer, or you cannot have enjoyed these benefits in the last 24 months. If after a few months, before reaching 9 months, you realize that your activity is not working or your idea changes, you can reverse everything and continue as you were, collecting your allowance until it runs out. So, the risk could be said to be 0.

Artículo SPA Finanzas - Compatibilidad “Paro” y Autónomo

Do not hesitate to contact SPA Finanzas to manage this entire process. A good option is to hire the legal consultancy to analyse your situation and projects in detail, knowing that this payment will be deducted from the “Compatibilidad” application itself, or from the “Alta autónomo”.

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