Assistance to apply for the Beckham Law

245,00  (+IVA)

Everything necessary to activate the special tax regime «Beckham Law» is included.

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Breakdown of concepts:

  • Assistance to apply for the Beckham Law €220 (+VAT)
  • Digital certificate* €25 (+VAT) [price that includes a 37.50% discount]

Includes digital certificate, essential in multiple other procedures upon arrival in Spain, valid for 1 year. *UANATACA digital certificate obtained 100% online, via the General Council of Economists.

It includes resolution of all your doubts regarding your tax situation through consulting of up to 45 minutes (via call or video call) and/or resolution via emails – even months after receiving your service, when doubts arise.

Registration in AEAT, 100% online processing, convenient and fast.

If necessary, a prior simulation of the convenience of applying the special tax regime is carried out in comparison with taxation as a normal resident. If you finally decide not to choose to apply, then 50% of the payment for the service is reimbursed; that is, €110 (+ VAT)